Traditional Hydropower Dams

The Eiselstein lever-based hydropower system can be incorporated into low-head dams or built into repaired, rehabilitated, or restored dams or reservoirs, where sufficient head is available.

Tidal Energy Conversion

The Eiselstein lever-based system is ideal for tidal energy conversion, utilizing the natural high and low tides to rise and lower levels and generate power from the kinetic energy.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater operations are typically the largest energy expense in a community, and reductions in energy usage can yield significant environmental, economic, and social benefits for these communities.

With Replenish Waterpower’s innovative power generation technology, municipal wastewater treatment operators can convert potential energy into electricity to reduce the overall power consumption. 

Low Head Run of River

Where natural conditions of sufficient water flow and volume exist, electricity can be generated by “run-of-river” hydropower facilities without the need for the creation of a large reservoir. Run-of-river plants can be designed using large flow rates with low head or small flow rates with high head, relying on the natural range of the water flow in a river.