Hydropower plant sizes

Hydropower, or hydroelectric power, is one of the oldest and largest sources of renewable energy, which uses the natural flow of moving water to generate electricity. Hydropower currently accounts for 37% of total U.S. renewable electricity generation and about 7% of total U.S. electricity generation.

Hydropower facilities come in all sizes. Some may be very large, but they can be tiny, too, taking advantage of water flows in municipal water facilities or irrigation ditches. They can even be “damless,” with diversions or run-of-river facilities that channel part of a stream through a powerhouse before the water rejoins the main river. Whatever the method, hydropower is much easier to obtain and more widely used than most people realize. (cited: DOE-WPTO)

With Replenish Waterpower’s innovative power generation technology, municipal wastewater treatment operators can convert potential energy into electricity to reduce the overall power consumption. 

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A Brief History of Hydropower

Click here to read a brief history of hydropower, from its earliest beginnings to the modern era, provided by the International Hydropower Association.

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